Friday, November 14, 2008

Life is about...

This quote is a paragraph in a letter from a friend who decided it was his duty to go to Iraq to help both Americans and Iraqis. He is a very rare type of person who sees beyond the obvious.

“Our culture says life is about 'power (control), position (titles), wealth (false security) and fame (false sense of self-worth)' but in truth, life is about 'character (courage, transparency, etc.), relationship (to love & trust), vision (to do good) and leadership (influence)'. These truths resonate with most folks quickly because 'power, position, wealth & fame' squeeze us all out. They are competitive. 'Character, relationship, vision and leadership' are not competitive. We can spend our whole life growing in these areas. Inwardly we all admire and desire these priorities.”
-- James C. Anderson, MD (written while stationed in Anbar province, Iraq)

So what is your life about? I'm asking myself the same question.


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