Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Believing is the first step toward doing.  
As kids, we don't know what we can't do.  But our parents (think they) know.  Good parents (and good friends, coaches, managers, teachers - and I'll put in consultants since that's what I do) don't pre-assume what can't be done.

She didn't know she couldn't
I wrote this while eating lunch at a local restaurant.  I was inspired by a little girl, no more than 2 or 3 yrs old. She refused to come into the restaurant unless her parents let her open the door... by herself.  Well, by herself she couldn't even budge the door.  Seeing this, her Dad - now this is important - without letting her know, pulled the door open.  The smile on her face lit up the room as she strutted in with an expression that said, "Yeah, I did it. I did it all by myself!"  I believe that little girl will accomplish big things in life, because she doesn't know she can't.

I think this applies to business.  Let me know if you agree.
If you want people to grow, let them try new things (like the little girl opening the big heavy door).  If they aren't strong enough to do it on their own - HELP THEM!  So many great achievements have been squashed because the people around them decided to pass judgment rather than help.  Look around you.  Is there someone trying something new?  Are you going to say, "you're crazy for trying to do that" or will you ask, "how can I help?"   Or like the Dad, will you help and never tell.

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